Do not act like a bull in the BOCKSTUBE!


The BOCKSTUBE was in earlier times the beer and dining room of artisans and travellers; you can still visualize today its once rough charm. In the 1950s, the room became famous. As the story goes there was a rampaging bull who wanted to escape from the neighboring slaughter house, he fled into the BOCKSTUBE. He of course caused a shambles, as he ran over, under and between tables, benches, chairs and crashed and destroyed into everything. From that day onwards it says in the ENGEL Hotel:” Do not act like a bull in the BOCKSTUBE!” The Bull having had his fun promptly departed through the open window thereafter only to be shot and killed by the local police. He did make another appearance in the Hotel but this time served up as a very tasty meal on the few remaining plates that survived his first appearance..
We wish you a very pleasant stay in our BOCKSTUBE and good health and good appetite!